Dog Bite

Our pets are like family.  Unfortunately, sometimes they act out and attack someone.  As someone that is injured by a dog attack the event can be very traumatizing.  The injuries people suffer from dog bites is usually a combination of physical injuries and mental injuries.  The physical injuries are often permanent especially when the dog attacks someone’s face.

Washington is a strict liability state for dog bites.  What this means is that unless a dog is provoked it is the owner’s responsibility to control their animal.  It’s not an excuse to say that the dog has always been a good dog.

It can be difficult to determine how to get compensated for since there aren’t usually police who respond to dog bite incidents.  Aside from holding the dog owner personally liable, if the person has homeowners’ or renters’ insurance there should be coverage to pay for your losses.  Also, if the person has an umbrella policy or a business policy depending on the facts of the attack you may be able to tap into those resources for recovery.

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