Early Prison Release – the Unknown Liability

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March 15, 2016
Washington workplaces deadliest for people over 50
May 6, 2016

The Washington Department of Corrections and the Washington Attorney General’s Office has acknowledged that numerous people sentenced to prison time were let out early due to a miscalculation in the “good time” credit.  Many news outlets point to the fear that people have with someone being released early and the disgraceful mix-up, but many don’t look at the financial consequences as well.

It is clearly negligent for the state of Washington to allow the early release of prisoners and they are liable when that person commits additional crimes.  The families of victims of these early release prisoners could bring claims against the state for millions of dollars if their harm is significant.

Since approximately 3,200 prisoners over a 13 year period were improperly released there are countless number of potential lawsuits.

The Department of Corrections is responsible for the safety of the citizens (and inmates).  The DOC clearly neglected their duties to the citizens and unfortunately people have suffered.  If you are the victim of someone that had been in prison you should investigate whether that person was released early.  If so, you should consider filing a claim with the State of Washington to get compensated for your damages.  You can find the claim form online, fill it out and then file it with the Office of Risk Management.  This is a prerequisite to filing a lawsuit.  The law allows governmental agencies the opportunity to resolve disputes outside of court.  If you are unable to resolve your dispute with the government then you can file a lawsuit.

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