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June 25, 2021
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About 25%-30% of people from Washington State who do not drive, walk on a daily basis because walking is a necessary means of transportation. In addition, bicycling is not just a hobby but a way many Washingtonians go to work and get to school. According to the data from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, between 2013 and 2017, 18.6% of traffic fatalities were included pedestrians and bicyclists, and 22.5% of serious injuries. Walkers and bicyclists face a growing number of severe injuries and deaths. During the 2011-2015 time period, 412 pedestrians and bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes, while during the 2013-2017 time period, 474 pedestrians and bicyclists were killed. Walking and bicycling injuries increased during the same periods, from 1,992 to 2,351.

As a pedestrian in Brier, Washington, being involved in a road accident can be very serious and traumatic because it can leave you injured and struggling, so it is best to contact the best personal injury lawyer in Brier, WA. The top pedestrian accident attorney in Brier, WA Justin Elsner, will help you get total compensation for your injuries.

If someone else’s negligence has harmed you, you are legally entitled to compensation as a means of redressing the wrong, and if you need an affordable pedestrian accident attorney in Brier, WA, Elsner Law Firm can help you!

What are the causes of pedestrian accidents because of the driver’s negligence? 

Drivers who:

– fail to pay attention

– speed

– fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks

– are distracted by cell phones or other devices

– disobey traffic signs and signals

– make turns without looking

– drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

These types of negligences can cause the injuring or killing of a pedestrian, and if you or someone you know experiences this, it is a must to contact the best personal injury lawyer in Brier, WA, because he has a great deal of experience in assisting injured pedestrians in obtaining compensation after being injured in accidents involving cars, bicycles, motorbikes, and other types of transportation.

Whatever your needs, whether you want to file a hit-and-run claim or need advice on how to get compensation for your injuries, Elsner Law Firm team includes a top personal injury lawyer in Brier, WA who can assist you. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will be able to fully explain how your facts fit within the law and what compensation you may be entitled to receive based on your circumstances.

You are welcome to speak with us during a free consultation. You may call us at (206) 447-1425 or visit us at Elsner Law Firm, PLLC 23711 Brier Road, Brier, WA 98036. Click here to learn more about our firm.

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