Motorcycle Accident: Your Lynnwood Legal Services Start Here

You’ve just been in a crash in Lynnwood. What’s first?

In the first few days following an automobile accident:

  • Get pictures of your motorcycle and the accident scene in the City of Lynnwood since the appearance of this evidence will change quickly.
  • Set up an appointment with your doctor or go to an urgent care clinic for an evaluation.  If you are not seriously injured, the doctor will usually have you follow-up a few days later.
  • Contact your insurance company to verify your coverage.  If you have Personal Injury Protection insurance that will be the first source of funds to pay for your treatment.  Personal Injury Protection insurance will also help to pay for your loss of wages and essential services (such as housekeeping and yard maintenance) if your doctor tells you not to perform physically demanding tasks.
  • If you decide to file your claim with the at-fault party you will need to open up a claim with them.  Be aware, though, that the at-fault party is not your friend.  Anything you tell them about the case can be used against you.

At any point in this process you can hire an attorney to help assist you.  Elsner Law Firm has significant experience getting into a case at any stage to help people ensure their rights are protected and that they get fair treatment from the insurance companies.

There are many laws that protect people who have been injured in a car accident and an experience car accident lawyer knows how to best protect their client.  Contact us now to get help dealing with the car accident claim process so that you can focus on getting healthy and back to your normal life.

Motorcycle accidents bring unique issues to a personal injury claim for multiple reasons.  First, often times people do not purchase motorcycle insurance which can be fatal to a motorcycle claim.  Motorcycle accidents can be among the worst accidents with the greatest injuries, yet with many drivers without insurance and those that have insurance may only carry the state minimum of $25,000 leaves motorcyclists vulnerable to having damages far in excess of the insurance coverage.  We strongly recommend that motorcyclists purchase insurance.

Since motorcyclists don’t have a cage to protect them their injuries can be incredibly worse than the drivers of other vehicles.  It is crucial to find all available insurance to get the motorcyclists’ damages covered.  This may mean looking at the road design to see if a governmental agency is liable for poor road design or maintenance or a construction company if road construction is underway and is not properly maintained or is lacking proper signage.  Each scenario is unique so an investigation is necessary to determine where liability lays.

Unfortunately many people, including adjusters, judges, and juries think that all motorcyclists are reckless drivers and were the cause of the accident.  Demonstrating that the motorcyclist was following the rules of the road is important to prove when it may not be necessary for a car vs. car collision.

Get answers to your questions and help eliminate the stress of the situation by downloading our free pdf, “Been in a Crash? Your Guide for the First 30 Days”.

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