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When you hear the term “slip-and-fall,” you might have a negative association with it. Many reported slip-and-fall incidents don’t stem from incidents of actual injury, but from plaintiffs looking to exploit large corporations and companies. While slip-and-fall accidents are legitimate, it gives defendants reason to suspect their victims, making it difficult for victims to secure legitimate settlements. Additionally, people who have been really harmed may find it more difficult to come forward when they have been abused.  But, it is beneficial to hire a lawyer who provides professional and ethical representation if you have been the victim of such an accident. It is important to find the best personal injury lawyer in Mountlake Terrace, Washington that could explain to you what your rights are and help you get compensated.

Following a slip-and-fall event, patients may need to see many physicians and be put through physical therapy. When you trip or fall due to a hazardous or dangerous condition on someone else’s premises, you may be able to sue the other party for damages. It’s important to get the advice of an experienced Mountlake Terrace Slip and Fall attorney.

What are the most common types of slip and falls?

1. Traumatic Brain Injuries- The cause of traumatic brain injury is frequently a strong blow to the head or body, as well as trauma to the brain and cranial tissue. More than 20 times the number of hospitalizations for spinal cord injuries occurs due to traumatic brain injuries. There are around 80,000-90,000 persons who are permanently disabled as a result of a TBI each year. When your loved one experiences this, it can be devastating so, it is best to seek the help of the top personal injury lawyer.

2. Broken Bones- Bones are the basic building blocks of our body. Being able to stand straight, walk, and do all of the daily things we need to do is one of the greatest benefits of them. If we fracture a bone, we cannot move freely and it is painful. In general, it takes very little to break a bone. You can suffer a broken wrist, arm, ankle, or rib as a result of simply slipping or tripping. It is true that it takes very little to break a bone during a fall, even for those who are incredibly careful.

3. Soft Tissue Injury- A soft tissue injury may not be visibly apparent, which might make it challenging to substantiate in a lawsuit. In the immediate aftermath of a fall, you might not even recognize that you have a soft tissue injury. Minor ankle and wrist sprains to severe tears in tendons and ligaments occur among several types of soft tissue injuries.

4. Hip Fractures- A person who gets injured in a slip and fall situation would certainly endure pain as a result. A hip fracture causes more extreme pain than the injury does, and the discomfort is focused in the hip or groin. There would be no tolerance for weight. An indication of a hip fracture is a weakening of the leg on the afflicted side, making it difficult to put any weight on it.

5. Sprained Ankle or Wrists- No matter how someone falls, whether it is by accident or on purpose, they can sustain an ankle injury. People often try to catch themselves as they fall by applying a large amount of force with their feet, which exerts a great deal of stress on the ankles. The person may sustain an injury if their ankles are twisted or turned when they place their foot down. Fall injuries, which include sprains, rips, and fractures, can occur in the process of rolling an ankle. Falling back provides momentum to return to one’s feet, following which one automatically extends one’s hands behind one to break one’s fall. For the majority of impacts, the wrist bears the brunt of the burden. An injured wrist will severely impact a person’s ability to work and live their life to the fullest. To get compensated for your loss, hire the only the top personal injury lawyer.

6. Cuts and Abrasions- When someone falls and hurts themselves, they can wind up landing on anything from asphalt to packed dirt, making the cuts and scrapes much more severe. Wounds that offer big abrasions and deep lacerations are a significant danger for infection, and hence it is necessary to have early medical attention to clean and properly heal the wound. Bleeding from a deep cut has the potential to lead to severe shock, which is a life-threatening condition.

7. Back and Spinal Cord Injuries- Spinal cord damage is one of the most severe sorts of injuries that can occur in a slip and fall. The spinal cord is critical to overall health. The central nervous system (CNS) receives and transmits messages from the brain to the rest of the body. A fall that results in paralysis can occur even if there are no injuries.

8. Shoulder or neck injuries- Neck injuries can be of several forms, with C-spine injuries (also known as cervical spine injuries) being a sub-class of them. They range from minor to major. As a first step, one should take note of the various kinds of neck injuries that can be caused by slips and falls, but it is also essential to keep in mind that, in almost all situations, a neck injury is a symptom of other injuries as well.

9. Knee Damage- Many victims of slip and fall incidents, upon hitting the ground, use their hand, arm, leg, or in this example, their knee to buffer the impact. Applying enough pressure and force to an area helps to enhance its concentration. To a certain extent, there is a limit to how much force the muscles, ligaments, and tendons can withstand, and this maximum limit represents the point where irreparable injuries may develop. Slip and fall accidents may cause knee injuries that can compromise a person’s overall mobility and ability to perform day-to-day activities later in life.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, you need to speak with the top personal injury lawyer in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Your lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal system while you focus on healing your injuries. He can help guide you through how to document your physical injuries effectively. He is familiar with what a jury needs to see to understand your injuries and suffering.

Although slip and fall cases can be challenging depending on the circumstances, the best personal injury lawyer can offer the expertise required for a successful recovery. Contact our office today for a free consultation on your case. Our personal injury law firm will fight for justice and make sure the responsible party is held liable for your injuries.

Do you have a case? Our team of experts will analyze your case and determine whether or not we feel confident we can win for you. Having extensive experience in personal injury cases, Justin Elsner of Elsner Law Firm knows how traumatizing these events can be. Call us at (206) 447-1425 or visit to learn more about him.



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