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Most Common Wrongful Death Questions Answered

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What is Considered a Wrongful death?

The general rule is as long as someone dies and it is not due to their own action or neglect, then they are deemed to have died as the result of the negligence of another. However, the circumstances surrounding their death must be considered.  Whether a death was caused by medical negligence or other natural causes, a person may bring a wrongful death lawsuit for damages based on negligence or intent, the actions of a physician, an employee or another individual that caused the death, and medical malpractice claims for medical malpractice that caused the death. If you are in Shoreline, it is best to talk the best wrongful death expert in Shoreline, Justin Elsner.

Who Do I Contact to File a Suit/What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

As the name implies, personal injury suits are aimed at helping those who have been injured, for example, in a car accident. Depending on the location of the accident and the circumstances surrounding the injury, if the accident took place on a public road, the appropriate jurisdiction is usually a city or town. The proper place to file suit is in the court system of the county. In some states, for example New York, a county’s court system is the equivalent of a city’s court system. The proper place to sue is with the court. Call the firm first. When filing a suit, you’ll want to get the assistance of a law firm that specializes in wrongful death cases. Elsner Law Firm has the best personal injury expert in Shoreline. This is very important, because there are many law firms in town that handle personal injury cases, and these firms are different. There are wrongful death lawyers, and then there are wrongful death lawyers. You need a law firm that is qualified to deal with these situations, and that has handled suits for the victims of the victims of these sorts of incidents before. Justin Elsner, considered the best wrongful death lawyer expert in Shoreline will handle your case with ease. You want to make sure that the lawyer you hire is a well-respected lawyer in this field, and has handled these sorts of incidents in the past. It is extremely important that the lawyer you hire is a wrongful death lawyer.

How is Wrongful Death Different From Medical Malpractice?

Wrongful death is a medical malpractice claim. Medical malpractice is a civil lawsuit which involves a claim against the doctor. One cannot sue a hospital or a doctor but he can only sue the institution where the accident happened. The plaintiff only has the right to sue the doctor for negligence that caused his death. Medical malpractice case is quite common and a must have in the personal injury market. By law, doctors and nurses are required to take all reasonable steps to save lives. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor or nurse fails to carry out this duty of care.

What Financial Reimbursement are Survivors Entitled To?

Many persons, persons who suffered emotional distress or financial loss, who may be entitled to financial reparations under the Law entitled to persons who suffer financial loss are those persons who suffer physical and psychological injuries, and financial losses of cash proceeds of property, and other types of financial losses in the process of their injuries.

Many personal injury victims become very confused and start searching for “the answer” to their question, which turns into endless searching and research, which usually results to the victim becoming dissatisfied and disappointed with the amount of money that they have received. So the victim begins to look for other lawyers, who promise large amounts of money and other “insurances”, which turns into “wasted time”. The Elsner Law Firm is known to have an affordable wrongful death lawyer in Shoreline and they make sure that you will get compensated based on what you deserve.

How Are Damages Decided?

The basic premise behind the way the courts decide the outcome of accident claims is that, in all matters of personal injury, the value of a claim is based on the consideration of a number of different factors. The best wrongful death lawyer in Shoreline can answer all your questions regarding what factors could be considered.

If you are interested in receiving a personal injury settlement from a defendant that did not cause your injury, you will need to prove that the defendant was negligent in some way (a fact issue). How is that proven? By looking at past case law. Just because something happened in the past, doesn’t mean that it can’t cause future damage. It just means that past case law does not govern how you prove the defendant was negligent in the future. Visit RCW 4.20.010: Wrongful death—Right of action. ( to learn more about Washington State’s Wrongful Death right of action.

If your family has suffered the loss of a loved one in a preventable accident or due to misconduct caused by someone else, please allow best personal injury expert in Shoreline, Justin Elsner with Elsner Law Firm to review the details and guide you through the process of holding the responsible parties accountable for your loss.  Contact our compassionate wrongful death attorneys today for a free consultation. Call 206-447-1425.

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