Personal Injury FAQ

Do you provide a free consultation?

Yes. The Elsner Law Firm provides an initial free consultation on the phone or in person to advise you on your legal rights and give you an assessment of your claim.  Contact us for scheduling.

What is my case worth?
We get this question often, but the answer differs greatly depending on the facts of your case. An extensive review of your situation and your losses can help us give you a range of the value of your case. As a starting guide, you may be entitled to the following compensation in your personal injury case:

– Specifically provable financial losses (special damages)
• Property damage
• Medical expenses
• Loss wages
• Out-of-pocket expenses related to treatment
• Compensation to pay for services you had to pay someone to perform while you were injured

– General damages
• Mental anguish
• Loss of enjoyment of life
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of consortium

How much will a personal injury lawyer cost me?
In most cases we offer our clients a contingency fee agreement. What this means is that we do not collect a fee unless there is a recovery in your case. This way it is a no lose situation for you.

I’m self employed will I be able to recover for lost profits?
Self employed individuals are in a class of their own and benefit greatly from being represented by a personal injury attorney. Insurance adjusters are very skeptical of wage loss claims brought by self employed individuals. In order to ensure you are compensated fully, we work with accountants and economists to help predict your loss of wage claim, which may be significant. We also fight to get you recovery for the additional expenses you suffer when you are forced to hire to someone to assist you while you are recovering.

How long will it take until I get money in my pocket?
Negotiating and litigating a personal injury claim takes significant time. Generally, we do not attempt to reach a resolution in your case until after you have completed treating or have reached maximum medical improvement. Once we begin negotiating with the insurance adjuster it will take a few months to reach a settlement. If the case proceeds to arbitration then we will have the arbitration within 63 days of being assigned an arbitrator. If the case goes to trial it will take approximately 18 months after we file the lawsuit to reach a resolution.


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