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Drug DUI vs. Alcohol DUI: Which is More Prevalent?

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When we talk about DUIs, often there’s a picture painted of a someone having one too many drinks and getting pulled over by a cop – or worse, a deadly car wreck. And for a long time, that’s generally been the case with most DUIs being alcohol related. Now Reuters is reporting that, for the first time ever, data is pointing to drugs being more prevalent than alcohol in more than a third of fatal car accidents in 2015. Among the drivers who tested positive for drugs in their system in a crash, 36.5% were found to be using marijuana and another 9.3% on amphetamines. It’s a number that’s been quadrupling since 1999.

Drug DUIs are charged differently than alcohol DUIs, but when you’re the one affected in the accident that’s not your primary concern. However, being away of an at-fault driver’s mental state can be crucial to your case. Here’s what to do should you find yourself in an accident with a driver under the influence.

Look for Signs of Drug Use

Enduring an accident can be a flurry of stress and anxiety. It can be hard to focus on small details, but this is also a crucial time to take note of everything you can. Chief among these is observing the other driver. Watch them and check for any signs that they’re under the influence of drugs. This can be subtle physical traits like bloodshot eyes or it might manifest in erratic, flighty behavior. If anything seems odd, note it down in your report and communicate it to your lawyer.

A Drug DUI Against the Driver Helps Your Case

Many accident cases, especially if you don’t have any witness, becomes a debate on the perception from each of the drivers. You say this, but they say that. It can make it harder to prove your case. However, if you think there are signs the other driver was on some sort of drug at the time, this greatly bolsters your case and puts the responsibility squarely on them. If you’ve seen any of the aforementioned signs that they may have been under the influence at the time, it’s important to point it out right away. It’s always worth pursuing and insuring it’s the case. If the police find high THC levels (or alcohol, for that matter) in their system, you won’t have much trouble pushing your case through.

No one ever wants to end up on either side of DUI case, regardless whether it’s drugs or alcohol at play. But knowing how to protect yourself in such a situation is vital to making sure your medical bills and car damages are taken care of and you don’t end up in a worse spot for doing nothing wrong. Should you end up in an accident with a DUI driver, Elsner Law Firm is here to help. We work extensively with personal injury and DUI cases. Give us a call today and we’ll help you build your case.

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