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What To Do If You Own a Samsung Galaxy S7

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Smokey the Bear always told us, “Only you can prevent forest fires”. Then again, Smokey didn’t own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and that forest might be you, your house, or your car. With the burning topic of exploding batteries of a few Samsung devices – you could find yourself, or already have found yourself, with burns or personal injury.

Samsung’s Past

Samsung’s recent Note7 recall was due to a fault in the battery overheating, bursting into flames and leaking dangerous chemicals. Samsung doesn’t believe the Galaxy S7 has the same fault to its battery but there are a few incidents from Galaxy S7 users of their phone exploding already developing. So the question is, “what should you do with your phone before or after an incident?” Here are some answers.

If it Still Works

With all electronics, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, you should take all the precautions to keep it in working order. This is because Samsung will not fix your phone if you intentionally aid the device in failing, or else you could possibly be out of luck and paying for any injuries or phone replacement on your own.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent your phone from being the next “hot item”:

  • Always use the manufacturer’s chargers that came with the phone in the box or a reputable replacement charger.
  • Keep it out of the sun. This may seem obvious but even if your Galaxy S7 is getting direct sunlight in your car with nice cool A/C blowing, it could potentially cause it to heat up very quickly.
  • Don’t play games or use directional maps. These applications take a lot of CPU power and drain the battery quickly.
  • Refrain from charging your Samsung Galaxy S7 when it is hot or using it while charging.
  • Remove it from its case. Phone cases might protect the phone but also make the phone retain heat from insulation.
  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7 when it starts to become hot.

Safety First! This Phone Will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds.

We all remember the old TV shows with the secret agent hearing important information then the device self-destructing once played. Though, this is reality and you’re no secret agent. Putting yourself in harm’s way can be very dangerous. If for any reason your Samsung Galaxy S7 starts to feel extremely hot, remove it from anything that might get hurt or cause even greater damage.

It’s Dead, Jim…

So, your Samsung Galaxy S7 has gone to the great mobile device pasture in the sky and you are trying to figure out what to do with its remains. Of course, you can always contact Samsung for an inspection and replacement, but are you getting the full benefits you deserve for it?

If You Were Burned or Injured

Unfortunate events do happen and if you’re burned or injured from a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone prior to the battery exploding, you might be entitled to compensation from the Samsung.

In that case, Elsner Law Firm is available to protect your legal rights. Find out more about our personal injury services and then give us a call today.

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