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Hardly anyone finds themselves in a situation where they’re excited to call up a personal injury attorney. Typically it means you’ve been in a traumatic or costly accident of some sort and need to get it taken care of immediately. It’s a stressful time and when the pressure’s high like this, it’s easy to make mistakes. That’s why you’ve hired an attorney to help guide you through the process.

We’ve compiled a few key concepts that, if abided, you can use to ensure your attorney has everything they need to best represent you. Some of them may sound a bit obvious, but it’s easy to forget key ideas when you’re in a high stakes situation.

Be Honest With Your Attorney

Honesty is always the best policy, but when you’re dealing with legal matters it becomes especially prescient. Being upfront with your attorney right away only helps you in the long run and can prevent potential messes later in the process. Remember – your attorney is on your side. The more information they have about the circumstances surrounding your injury, the better they can defend you in court and get you the support you need.

Withholding information can only hurt you. Should a detail emerge later on in the process and catch your attorney off guard, you’re either going to damage the reputability of your case or cause a massive headache that will result in the process taking a more strenuous path. Save you and your attorney the hurt by being upfront right away.

Provide All Necessary Documents for Evidence

More than just your personal story from the incident, having actual documents on-hand will be a huge asset for your attorney. Police reports, photographs, and any recorded witness accounts should handed over to your attorney. The more you have the better. If you have the foresight, try and collect as much information as you can right after the incident occurs. You can use this handy list to guide you on what to do at the scene before you. Don’t second guess if you think a certain document or form is worth your attorney’s time – they’ll be able to make that call themselves. You can save yourself the time from doing guesswork.

Have Patience if the Case Doesn’t Go Your Way

An ideal world, your case will always end in some sort of victory. But unfortunately, things don’t always turn out that way in the messy world of law. Getting frustrated or angry with your attorney won’t help and it certainly won’t change the outcome. Your attorney is your ally throughout the case and they can help walk you through your options after the fact as well. Don’t burn a bridge with the people who are trying to back you up. It can be an emotional time, especially in personal injury cases, but the cooler heads will often prevail.

As we’ve stressed here a few times, we want to help you. Elsner Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases and will guide you through each step of the way. Text or call us and we’ll set up a time to discuss your situation and determine how can help.

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