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Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

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Regular maintenance of your vehicle not only keeps you safe but also those around you on the road. Learn how regular maintenance can help protect yourself from an accident as well as a potential personal injuries claim.

There are over 260 million vehicles registered in the United States and millions of car accidents occur every year resulting in injuries and even death. Regular maintenance of your vehicle not only can help keep you and your passengers safer when driving, but it also can help you save money by avoiding a personal injuries case.

Importance of Inspecting Your Vehicle

Although routine maintenance on your car may seem like an unnecessary expense, the cost of replacing worn tires or installing new brakes can actually save you money in the future. By ensuring your car is running correctly and choosing not to neglect issues like replacing a brake light will help you avoid a personal injuries lawsuit if your vehicle were to cause an accident due to neglect.

Common Preventable Causes of Accidents

Some of the more frequent preventable causes of car accidents include worn tires, lighting, brakes as well as steering issues.

  • Worn tires: When your tires become worn or bald, this can lead to accidents. The tread on your tires helps protect your vehicle from hazardous conditions such as hydroplaning in heavy rains or sliding on the ice. Along with reducing your traction, worn tires can also increase the chance of a blowout.
  • Lighting: Whether it is your car’s headlights or brake lights, all lighting on your vehicle is imperative to your safety as well as those traveling around you. A burned out headlight or brake light can create dangerous situations when driving at night and increase your chance of an accident.
  • Brakes: Many people do not think to check their brakes routinely because they cannot see them. However, when you take your car in for routine maintenance like an oil change, it could be beneficial to have the mechanic check your brakes as well. This will help you identify and prevent any potential performance issues that could cause harm to you and your passengers.
  • Steering: Maintaining power steering fluid levels and making sure your car’s steering system is another area you can benefit from having your mechanic check when performing routine maintenance on your vehicle.

If you suspect your vehicle is having any issues, it is essential to make sure you take it to a professional immediately. This will not only provide you peace of mind but also protect you from a potential accident. Replacing a vehicle part will be much more inexpensive than causing a car accident and having a personal injury claim brought against you.

What do I do if an accident happens?

Sometimes the unexpected happens. If a car accident occurs, whether you are liable or not, it is wise to obtain legal representation to help you through the process. Personal injury lawyers are experienced with a variety of accidents including car accidents. A personal injuries lawyer can walk you through what steps you should be taking and assist you in receiving compensation if you were the victim of a car accident.

Contact Elsner Law Firm with any questions you may have today. Their team of expert personal injury lawyers are here to help.

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