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Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

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Many people begin negotiating their personal injury case with the at fault driver’s insurance adjuster prior to seeking assistance from an attorney. Elsner Law Firm recommends against doing this as the adjusters may lock you into testimony that is inaccurate or jeopardizes your claim. It is best to hire a personal injury attorney prior to making any statements to the insurance companies.

It is best to contact a personal injury lawyer soon after your accident so that you can be properly advised of your rights, and how to protect your legal claim. Additionally, personal injury attorneys can take over the logistics of your case so that you can focus on your recovery.

What’s Your Why?

  • Why are you visiting our website?
  • Why are you looking for an attorney?
  • Are you frustrated by the way the insurance company is treating you?
  • Are you confused or scared and unsure what to do?
  • Are you exhausted by everything about your case?
  • Do you want someone to take responsibility for their negligence?
  • Do you want to cause change by getting someone to drive more safely, get a business to think about more than just money, or get the government to change policies?
  • Do you want to live in a safer world?

We want to know why you’re looking for help above and beyond “I need a lawyer.”  We want to know what hiring us will do for you.  Knowing your why will help us serve you with exceptional service.

Are we the right firm for you?

Over the years we have learned that we aren’t a perfect fit for all clients.  Personal Injury cases require our clients to take ownership of their case by doing such things as getting treatment and documenting their recovery process.  While you focus on you, we protect your legal rights.  Since your case can take months if not years to resolve it is important that we are a good fit so that both sides are elated by the end of the case.

The people we can help best have the following traits:

  • treat consistently and follow their doctor’s advice
  • stay in contact with us and respond to promptly to calls, emails, and requests for information
  • trust that the process can take months to years but know that we are focused solely on helping them get their case resolved as quickly as possible
  • want a law firm to fight hard for them while maintaining respect for the client, court, and opposing counsel

We are not a good fit for those that:

  • sporadically go to treatment and don’t follow doctor recommendations
  • are difficult to get a hold of and don’t respond to our requests for information
  • expect a big payout and expect it quickly regardless of the details of their case
  • want an attorney that will get “nasty”

Call or use our form to contact us and schedule your free consultation to assess your situation.

How We Serve You Better

Many accidents involve circumstances that require complex investigation and evaluation to protect our clients. When these situations arise we are equipped to address the concerns of your personal injury case and to assist you in every way possible. When necessary, the Elsner Law Firm will hire accident re-constructionists to assist in determining the cause of the accident; hire investigators to conduct asset searches on the defendant; hire accountants and economists to predict your future loss wages; hire other experts as needed to prove the extent of your injuries.

When you are involved in an accident not only is the event traumatizing, but the effect on your life can be dramatic. With doctor appointments to attend, your vehicle needing to be fixed or replaced, and the expenses involved, we try to make this new life event easier.  Below are some of the ways that we are different than other law firms.  We are also open to doing whatever we can to help make your life easier through the entire process of your case.

Weekend and Evening Appointments

After an accident the amount of time that you have to commit to getting your life back to normal can add up to hundreds of hours, especially if you have an extended period of treatment.  To help make things easier we offer weekend and evening appointments to work around your schedule.

We Come to You

After an accident you may be without transportation or may be unable to travel.  We are willing to travel to you and meet at a place that is convenient for you.  We can come to the hospital, your home, coffee shop, or just about any other location that you feel most comfortable in.

You Don’t Pay for Costs Until Your Case is Resolved

Even with excellent insurance there are numerous costs associated with an accident that you may have to pay for including co-pays and deductibles on your health insurance, a deductible on your automotive insurance, prescriptions, and loss of income if you are unable to work.  A personal injury case can costs a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to prepare and litigate.  In most personal injury cases we will front those costs for you since we know that there is already enough stress that you are under due to the collision.

We Help You Get Treatment Even if You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Often times our clients do not have health insurance and do not have personal injury protection insurance and aren’t financially able to pay out-of-pocket for medical treatment.  If you are in this situation we can work with your providers to get you the treatment you need.  Many providers will agree to treat you on a lien if you are represented by an attorney.  What this means is that they will treat you and keep track of your bills and then we will ensure that they are paid once your case settles.  We are happy to make these arrangements with your providers so that you can get the treatment you need and get healthy again.

We are Your Neighbor

We are not a typical unapproachable law firm.  We are your neighbors and we are here for you.  We pride ourselves on being down-to-earth and relatable.  Our employees have families, enjoy outdoor activities, spending time helping out in the community, and helping our clients.  We strive to create a relationship with our clients that makes them comfortable to talk with us and work with us as we navigate through their case.  We want our clients to feel safe knowing that they won’t be judged and will be supported throughout their representation.

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