30 Day No Fee Promise

Choosing an attorney can be an intimidating process and since your personal injury case can take months, if not years, to resolve it is important that you have a good working relationship with the law firm that you choose.

To help you feel comfortable with your choice, we offer all our personal injury clients a 30 Day No Fee Promise.  If, in the first thirty days of our engagement, you decide that you want to take your case to another attorney we won’t charge you a fee.  We will send your file to your new attorney no questions asked.

The state bar association prohibits us from paying any costs so if we incur any costs in the first thirty days we will ask your new attorney to reimburse us those costs when the case is closed.  In the first thirty days any costs incurred are usually minimal.

We can’t guarantee that we will win your case or get you a certain amount of money, but we can promise to give you amazing customer service, treat you fairly and with respect, and always put you first.  I’m confident that given thirty days to prove ourselves you’ll be pleased with what our firm has to offer.  If we don’t live up to this promise, you can choose another attorney without risk.


Thank you for trusting us!

Justin Elsner, Managing Attorney

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