Motorcycle Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents

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August 23, 2017
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Motorcycle insurance can be pricey for a reason – it’s a dangerous endeavor. While other drivers are responsible for looking out for motorcycles, motorcyclist can protect take steps to protect themselves as well. Consider some of these tips to prevent accidents the next time you plan on taking your motorcycle out for a spin.

Take Professional Training

This may sound obvious to some, but making sure you get proper training on your bike is crucial to ensuring safety for yourself and others on the road. Maybe you grew up around the bikes with family and think you know the ins and outs of your bike, however it’s still smart to go through a professional course to cover any gaps you may have in your motorcycle education. Don’t assume you know it all. Even if the training ends up feeling redundant, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve taken the first step to being a safe biker.

Make Sure You’re Visible

One of the greatest risks you have riding in traffic is the chance that a car doesn’t see you coming. As much as you can, it’s important to make sure you’re visible to cars at all times. This means staying out of blind spots of other vehicles on the road, but also finding ways to make yourself even more noticeable to others. Wearing a bright colored safety vest is a great way to make sure you’re spotted. It might not be the look you’re going for, but it’s much better than the look getting in an accident.

Be Mindful of the Weather

Weather can be unpredictable, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Before you take your motorcycle out of the garage, check the weather report. If you see indications that it’s going to rain or high speed winds may be on their way, your best bet might be planning on taking that ride on your bike another day and using your car instead. If you find yourself already on the road as inclimate weather comes swooping in, make sure you’re hyper aware of your surroundings and take things slower than usual.

Don’t Share Lanes with Another Vehicle

One of the benefits of riding a motorcycle is its size. It makes it convenient for parking, they’re great on gas, and you can make your way through traffic much easier than you could in a sedan. However, you should avoid sharing lanes with other vehicles. Even if you know your bike can fit, it can make other drivers nervous and catch them off guard – resulting in them swerve or simply just not seeing you at all.

Most of All, Be Alert

This is another “obvious” point, but it’s one that needs to be stressed. Getting on your bike and hitting the open road can feel liberating. That rush of excitement is part of what makes motorcyclists so dedicated to their rides. However, make sure you don’t get caught up in the moment. It’s a real problem with 32 percent of accidents stemming from distracted drivers. Remember, you’re vulnerable on all sides when you’re on a motorcycle. Have fun, but keep aware of your surroundings at all times.

Even by taking all these safety precautions, there’s still a chance you may find yourself in a motorcycle accident. If you do and need help making sure you’re given the legal protection you need, Elsner Law Firm can help. We specialize in personal injury cases involving motorcycle accidents and can make sure you’re taken care of. Reach out to us today and stay tuned for our upcoming guide to motorcycle accidents, launching on our website later this month.


  1. Ernest London says:

    I like that you mentioned to pay attention to the weather, and avoid riding in bad conditions. That way, you can remove the dangers of rain and snow. I am hoping to buy a bike this year, and I wanted to know how to stay safe. I will keep these tips in mind, thanks a lot.

  2. Steele says:

    Recently I learned to ride a motorcycle and before I actually do that on the road I’d like to get as many useful tips about safe riding as possible. I totally agree that if it is going to rain or there are high-speed winds I should leave my vehicle at home. I also hope that I will have no incidents on the road, but even if anything happens I will make sure to hire a professional lawyer to defend my position. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Derek Dewitt says:

    I think being visible to other drivers on the road should be the top priority for any motorcyclist. I like that you suggest wearing a bright, reflective vest to be seen easier. I think this should be mandatory for riders, especially at night.

  4. Steele Honda says:

    I totally agree that you should stay as focused as possible on the road. I am considering buying a motorcycle, and my mom said she was fine with it if I promise to be attentive. I will! Thanks for the tips.

  5. Ernest London says:

    Thanks for mentioning to be sure to wear a lot of bright colors while riding. It makes sense that you would want other people to be able to see you easily. I am trying to find safety tips, because I want to buy my first motorcycle this year. I will keep these things in mind, thanks!

  6. Stanton Duclos says:

    I agree that professional training is really important when starting to ride a bike. You do tend to learn a few things that you would have otherwise been ignorant about. Proper gear is also needed. Sometimes though I get the feeling that in spite of everything you are still bound to have an accident. You have to be super aware of what is happening on the roads.

  7. Alexandria Martinez says:

    My brother has always wanted a motorcycle since he was a teenager in high school. He is older now and a lot more responsible and therefore is seriously considering getting one. Since I am his sister, I will remind him to be alert and not to get distracted on his drives.

  8. Elsa Anderson says:

    I like how you stated that in terms of safety it’s better to look a bit off from your desired fashion but safe rather than fashionable but in danger. That’s why I’ve already purchased the vests with reflectors since I am planning on scouting some dealers for a Kawasaki motorcycle next week. Honestly, I got so excited to own my first bike that I actually bought all the accessories and gears first before the ride itself. Hopefully, I can find a motorcycle that would suit my needs best. Thanks!

  9. Julius Amberfield says:

    It was really good that you suggested making sure to check in with the weather channel first in order to make sure that the weather will be good before taking the motorcycle out for a ride. Considering how the weather of the place where we live in can get a bit unpredictable sometimes, I think it’s best to remember your tips. I’m planning to buy as motorcycle next month, but my mom was against the idea because she’s worried about my safety. I know I can change her mind if I promise her to be careful. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Deb Pearl says:

    Thank you for all the motorcycle safety tips! My husband just got a motorcycle for his birthday and I really want to make sure he stays safe. I really like your tip about making sure to stay out of blind spots of other vehicles and wear bright colors to make sure you can be seen. I think that would be a great idea.

  11. Hayk S says:

    Great tips. I’ll remember these . I agree that professional training is a must. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Hayk S says:

    Great! I like it when you mentioned that we must pay attention to the weather, and avoid riding in bad conditions to avoid accidents, and seeking legal actions Wiener and Lambka bend/ can truly help with our questions concerning this. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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