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5 Questions Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Answer

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For many people, opening a personal injury case is an entirely new process. It’s not something you ever hoped you’d have to do, so you haven’t spent time prior to your accident or incident trying to understand how it works. So it’s perfectly natural if you have questions. Thankfully, your lawyer can help. The more questions you ask, the easier you’ll be able to work together. To get you started, here are five aching questions we find that people seeing a personal injury case often have.

How Much Will It Cost?

Let’s not dance around the big question most have: the cost. This will vary from firm to firm and situation to situation. In most of Elsner Law Firm’s cases, we offer a contingency fee agreement that says we won’t collect a fee unless there’s a recovery in your case. We do this to make sure it’s a no lose situation for you. Not all firms will do this, which is why it’s important to ask. Once you know that, you can get into the nitty gritty of hourly fees and the strain on your wallet.

Is My Case Worth It?

This one is tough to answer because the answer will vary wildly from case to case. Often, this question will prompt more questions from your lawyer. They’ll want to extensively review your situation and losses, which will then provide insight into the value of your case. Between provable financial losses like property damage, medical bills, loss of wages and harder to define damages like mental anguish and pain; we can start to estimate what your case may be worth against the potential expenses you’ll have throughout the case.

How Do I Fill Out the Paperwork?

The stacks of paperwork that go along with a personal injury case are often overwhelming. Instead of guessing and making assumptions about certain parts of the forms, ask your lawyer. Make specific notes about parts that are troubling you. The more specific the questions, the better answers you’ll get. Filling out the wrong information, even if done innocently, can be trouble later on.

What Do I Do if My Case is Declined?

Personal injury cases notoriously can take a long time, sometimes even dragging on for years before it goes to trial. But what if you go through the whole process and your case is declined? Your lawyer will give you guidance to reassess, taking note why it wasn’t accepted and what could still be done. This question is a bit of an unknowable until you find yourself in that situation, but rest assured your lawyer will be there to answer any questions you may have and will offer guidance as you prepare for your next steps.

Should I Accept a Settlement?

Again, this is a question that you won’t be able to answer until you’ve been offered a settlement. That’s because all cases will be different. The first offer you get may not be in your best interest. But by continuing forward, you may be able to negotiate terms that give you the peace of mind you want. If not, your lawyer will help you move forward with the case.

Asking the right questions will make your case run smoothly. Here at Elsner Law Firm, we welcome your questions and want you to have the best experience you can have in such a dramatic situation. Have some burning questions you’d like to ask us before you start your case? No problem. Give us a call or text today.

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