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Preventing Drunk Driving During The Big Game

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The Big Game feels like an unofficial national holiday. When the Patriots and Falcons face off this Sunday, millions will be tuning in. Whether you’re getting caught in the pandemonium while watching it at a bar or watching at home with a few beers, it’s important to remember to drink responsibly. As Forbes points out, this Sunday’s game traditionally is one of the drunkest days of the year. You can do your part by refraining from getting behind the wheel if you plan on drinking. Thankfully, there are more ways that people and corporations are helping to reduce the number of incidents this Sunday.

Frito Lay + Uber Partner Together

Your snack table can help save lives and prevent you from getting a DUI – seriously. Frito-Lay and Uber have partnered together to created a special bag for distribution in time for The Big Game. This special bag of potato chips will detect alcohol on your breath. Yes, you read that right. The bag detects alcohol, and then warns you against driving while intoxicated. If the bag detects alcohol, a special coupon code will appear on the bag for a $10 discount on an Uber ride. You can then put the bag next to your phone to apply that discount through your app.

The partnership with Frito-Lay and Uber has a goal of getting 25,000 impaired drivers off the roads this weekend. But don’t worry, if you can’t get your hands on a limited-edition bag of chips, you can still activate the discount using a participating Tostitos UPC code in the Uber app.

Drink Driving & Personal Injury

Even if you aren’t drinking, unfortunately you’re still at risk. Many inebriated people will ignore this crucial and advice and hop on the road anyway. This means you’ll want to be extra careful while driving, but accidents do still happen. When that happens, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to take care of yourself through the legal system.

People injured by drunk drivers have a unique and more complicated case for a personal injury case. Any kind of case involving somebody that was intoxicated raises a question of liability from not just the driver, but from a variety of many other sources. There are laws in Washington that put liability on the person that over served the intoxicated driver. For example, a bar or a restaurant could be liable for that person driving intoxicated. A homeowner, as well, could be liable for over-serving that intoxicated driver. Additionally, if the person was at a company party, that company could be liable, too

It is important that someone injured by a drunk driver investigate deeply into the situation that led up to that person driving intoxicated to make sure the injured person gets the full compensation they deserve for all their injuries. Likewise, if you’re hosting a party or gathering for the game, you’ll want to take extra precautions to monitor your guests’ alcohol intake. No one wants to be the wet blanket that brings the party down, but no one wants to find themselves on the other side of a lawsuit either. If you do plan on drinking, something as simple as asking your guests to put their keys in a bowl so they won’t be tempted to drive can be a huge life saver for everyone.

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