Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents bring unique issues to a personal injury claim for multiple reasons.  First, often times people do not purchase motorcycle insurance which can be fatal to a motorcycle claim.  Motorcycle accidents can be among the worst accidents with the greatest injuries, yet with many drivers without insurance and those that have insurance may only carry the state minimum of $25,000 leaves motorcyclists vulnerable to having damages far in excess of the insurance coverage.  We strongly recommend that motorcyclists purchase insurance.

Since motorcyclists don’t have a cage to protect them their injuries can be incredibly worse than the drivers of other vehicles.  It is crucial to find all available insurance to get the motorcyclists’ damages covered.  This may mean looking at the road design to see if a governmental agency is liable for poor road design or maintenance or a construction company if road construction is underway and is not properly maintained or is lacking proper signage.  Each scenario is unique so an investigation is necessary to determine where liability lays.

Unfortunately many people, including adjusters, judges, and juries think that all motorcyclists are reckless drivers and were the cause of the accident.  Demonstrating that the motorcyclist was following the rules of the road is important to prove when it may not be necessary for a car vs. car collision.

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