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According to the most recent figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 80,000 motorcycle riders and their passengers have significant injuries each year as a consequence of wrecks and collisions, while another 5,000 riders die as a result of their injuries. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s research reveals that driver mistake and inexperience, as well as road and weather conditions, can all play a role in these incidents, contacts with motorists and other riders are frequently to blame. In these types of incidents, it is best to talk to the best personal injury lawyer. The following are examples of motorcycle accidents that can result in serious injuries:

Rear end collision or side swipe. Motorcycle riders in rear end collisions have the tendency to suffer serious spinal injuries and head injuries. They are usually in the wrong place at the wrong time, when the motorist is taking his/her eyes off of the road.

Left turn collisions. This is also called a “lane change” collision. Motorcyclists that are in the wrong lane may have a tendency to experience neck injuries or broken bones. The collision is usually as the motorcyclist turns left in response to closing the right lane, the motorcyclist is suddenly hitting the left side of the car, and the collisions are usually with the car at full speed, after the motorcyclist turned.

Motorcycle rear ends a car. Car drivers often ignore motorcyclists on the road, and when they do notice them, they turn their eyes off of the road. The collision is usually when the motorcycle rider is braking, and the car rear ends him.

Motorcycle riding accidents caused by other vehicles. This can include cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. While it does not always occur, it is still possible for a motorcyclist to become involved in an accident with another motor vehicle. In these accidents, the cyclist will need to be aware of the dangers posed by the automobile, and how to handle them.

Motorcycle riding accidents from careless motorists. When motorists are speeding, talking on their mobile phones, not paying attention to the road, not looking properly, or even intentionally ramming their cars, these motorcyclists can fall victim to the injuries listed above. In a recent case, the motorcyclists were injured when a car deliberately ran over two of them in a traffic accident. This was despite being in the process of informing the driver that they were using their phone while driving, and were going to pass them.

Motorcycle riding accidents caused by drunk drivers. Motorcycle riders are often killed or injured when they are victims of drunk drivers, and this can also be caused by drivers who are simply driving too fast.

Motorcycle riding accidents caused by reckless drivers. Drivers who drive in a reckless manner can also be liable for injuring motorcyclists.

Motorcycle riding accidents caused by reckless drivers.

This can include accidents caused by drivers who have gone over the speed limit, reckless drivers who are driving too fast, and reckless drivers who have been distracted. This does not apply to careless drivers who do not follow the speed limit, as they may be found to be negligent by the court, depending on how fast the reckless driver was following the speed limit.

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